EU: financial cooperation with Tunisia and migrants under the scrutiny of the Court of Auditors

January 12, 2016
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The European Court of Auditors released, Monday, January 11, its work program 2016. She presented the case on which it will work this year. One of the themes for 2016 will be “the EU cooperation and financial aid to Tunisia.”

The mission of the Court is to control the proper management and transparency of European public policy, internal and external.
Among other topics related to internal policies or relations with countries in the “neighborhood” of Eastern Europe and Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) also figure in the refugee crisis that marked during the last year, the area of “southern neighborhood” the Mediterranean.
The themes that the Court of Auditors reporting requirement study on “the” EU’s response to the refugee crisis, “the” Commission instruments for protection against terrorism “and finally” measures of EU against trafficking in human beings “.
In 2016, “ we will work continue to  implement our 2013-2017 strategy to maximise the value of our contribution to  EU public accountability”, wrote, in the introduction, the President of the Court, Vítor Caldeira
He said: ” Overall, we intend to produce more than 90 annual reports, special reports, opinions and other outputs in 2016. In this way we look forward to helping improve EU financial management and accountability in the interest of all citizens. “


Countries covered:

  • Tunisia