EU-funded Clima-Med celebrates Jordanian cities’ commitment to tackling climate challenges

May 26, 2022
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Jordan is facing significant climate challenges; heavy rains, runoff, desertification, and heat inversion threaten its cities’ environment and affect their local economic development.

To address these challenges, ten CoM Med signatory cities such as Al Zarqa, Greater Madaba, New Umm El Jimal and Al Muwaqquar have developed their Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans, SEACAPs, to change the course of things and bring positive effects on the humans’ well-being in the country.

Taking the viewers around the cities, Clima-Med’s short film, “A Glimpse of Hope”, is centered around inspiring stories of its inhabitants and local actors, their actions, and solutions to fight for a more sustainable future. It also shows the engagement of the EU in the region in the Green Deal Agenda on Climate Action framework.

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