EU-funded MED MSMEs meeting looks into how to leverage digital technology and better include Tunisian SMEs in the changing global and regional value chains

January 27, 2021
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An important milestone was reached by the MED MSMEs programme on 12 January during a meeting to discuss the roadmap for the development of exports for Tunisian SMEs.

Following the last working group meeting on the “Internationalization of SMEs” – which was held in November 2020 – the MED MSMEs team presented the two dimensions from the SME ecosystem that it intends to support during the year 2021 : i) the use of digital technology to seize internationalisation opportunities, and ii) the participation of Tunisian SMEs in the evolution of global and regional value chains.

Actions planned under these two dimensions are a part of national strategies and aim to consolidate the mechanisms already in place in the fields of digitization and exports in Tunisia.

Discussions between participants highlighted the importance of inter-institutional and public-private coordination for an effective deployment of instruments to support the internationalisation of SMEs, the need for regulatory framework reforms to succeed in the digital transition and development, and the provision of business intelligence services enabling SMEs to adapt to the changing value chains and seize new opportunities.

In line with the elaboration of policies for inclusive growth in the EU Southern Neighbourhood, the EU-funded MED MSMEs Programme (2018-2022) builds on a national participatory approach, international best practices and regional initiatives to foster the formulation and implementation of integrated policies and instruments supporting the development of MSMEs.


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