EU-funded PPRD South : Two charters soon to be adopted

November 19, 2020
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PPRD South has just developed two charters for its partner countries: one on the sharing of a pool of civil protection experts whose objective is to enable participating countries to work towards a regional or sub-regional dynamic through proposals for cross-participation of experts, exchanges of tactical and technical know-how between experts, studies or publications, their participation in national, sub-regional and regional exercises as well as international reinforcements during large-scale crises or disasters. Each country is committed to creating, updating and sharing its own roster of experts.

The other charter provides a framework for the Southern Mediterranean School Commanders’ Club, whose aim is to work towards a regional dynamic, with schools developing exchanges of tactical and technical know-how, experts, trainees, courses, exercise grounds, etc. This club meets at the request of its members, at least once a year, for about 48 hours, in one of the countries of the region, in turn, with a light or even non-existent protocol.

In accordance with the principle of collaboration constantly sought by the project, these two charters have been submitted for validation to the partner countries of PPRD South 3 and should be adopted very soon.

The overall objective of EU-funded PPRD South 3 is to contribute to increasing resilience and reducing the social, economic and environmental costs of natural and man-made disasters in the ENP South region, based on the results of the PPRD South Program and the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM).


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