The EU-funded project DAWRIC organises two events on gender equality in Lebanon

October 4, 2018
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Last week, on Saturday September 29, the EU-funded project “Direct Action for Women – Reform, Inclusion and Confidence” (DAWRIC) organised two events in Lebanon.

The first event was a training on gender equality in Padova Hotel, Sin El Fil, where municipal council representatives met.

The second one took place in Chekka, a coastal town located in the South of North Lebanon. A round table discussion was organised with Dima Jamali as one of the speakers. Dima Jamali is a member of the Lebanese Parliament, an author and a professor of management at the American University of Beirut. The discussion focused on the importance of women economic empowerment.

Here is a part of her speech: “Every woman can be successful. I’ve learnt how to create a balance between being a university lecturer, a member of the Lebanese Parliament and a mother at the same time”.

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