EU-funded SIRCLES training in Tunisia impacted the lives of 92 NEETs and women

May 19, 2022
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Under SIRCLES project which wants to explore new employment opportunities by applying the circular economy model applied to the biowaste sector, a specialized training in composting and organic agriculture was organised in Tunisia by Tunisia Ecotourism in collaboration with the Agricultural Extension and Training Agency AVFA “Center for Professional Agricultural Training in the Rimel Forest Sector”, in which 92 NEETs and women’s lives from the Bizerte region successfully participated.

For Mohamed Said, son of a farmer and trainee, the training was an opportunity to discover that the current agricultural practices make the soils sterile, and that farmers should nourish the soil to keep it alive in order to let it feed the plant instead of feeding the plant to produce it in mass. He believes that changing habits slightly will allow farmers to keep their land and produce better quality.

SIRCLES project mainly focuses on developing new capacities oriented to business development and separation, collection, composting and agriculture processes and contributes to the creation of green jobs by involving the most vulnerable sectors of the population and supporting environmental sustainability.

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