EU-funded SME4SMARTCITIES partners meet virtually to take stock of progress and discuss next activities

June 25, 2020
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SME4SMARTCITIES’ partners from the five different countries (Spain, Italy, Israel, Palestine, Jordan) met last week to discuss the ongoing activities and the future of the project.

Most of the activities that are being developed along this period have had to extend their deadlines a couple of months because of the difficulties at reaching municipalities under the current situation. It has been presented the technical manual on reporting and financial procedures.

The first conclusions on the surveys already received were presented, together with the procurement guide preliminary results. A few other presentations followed: the methodology to follow for the identification of the training and capacitation needs of technological and Innovative SMEs, as well as for the identification of the existing and needed support services, the upcoming activities of the SME4SMARTCITIES Training programme, the next communication activities and the organization of next events.

The SME4SMARTCITIES project (Mediterranean SME working together to make cities smarter) is funded under the ENI CBC Med Programme. It aims at enhancing the collaboration between public authorities and SMEs to make the Mediterranean cities more efficiently managed and more livable for communities. The project will help cities be the front-runners of innovation, and support Mediterranean SMEs in order to guarantee that their products and services meet the expectations and needs of smart cities.


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Press release

EU-funded SME4SMARTCITIES launches survey on main challenges faced by Mediterranean cities (07/4/2020)

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Countries covered:

  • Israel
  • Jordan
  • Palestine *