EU funds help support Libyan reconstruction process

July 3, 2018
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Employees of the Municipality of Benghazi and the Public Administration Department of the Benghazi University took part in a training last week which focused on best practice in the field of public administration. This training is part of a larger EU-funded project which is implemented by ACTED and aims at supporting Libyan local actors to improve service delivery and better manage the reconstruction efforts, following the 2014 crisis that led to widespread destruction and displacement in the city.

“Support to Libyan local actors to improve service delivery and to better manage the reconstruction efforts” (LASDR) is a multi-faceted project which includes support to the Projects Office of the Municipality in damage assessment and building rehabilitation, empowering civil society to lead community stabilization efforts and support to the governance of the health sector including the training of Libyan surgeons.

The intensive training sessions have included assessing the capacity and structure of the municipality in order to draft an effective training curriculum, and defining a long-term vision for Benghazi which brings together all local actors. The session also included drafting and defining projects to achieve the municipality’s vision of Benghazi.

This training, the fifth of its kind, was provided by France’s national expert institution, École Nationale d’Administration (ENA).


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