EU funds new courthouse in Palestine

October 6, 2016
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The Palestinian Authority and the EU have laid the cornerstone of the new Dura courthouse in Hebron. The new 5,000 square-meter courthouse will serve thousands of Palestinians living in Dura and the surrounding communities.

This project is part of an EU-funded comprehensive programme of support to the Palestinian justice sector. This support will improve the quality of the judicial services and enhance the working environment for Palestinian judges and lawyers to better serve Palestinian citizens.
The programme also includes projects that promote the establishment of sustainable national mechanisms for legal aid; institutional reforms and capacity building to the High Judicial Council; legal education through the Palestinian Bar Association, the Palestinian Judicial Institute and Palestinian Universities; as well as the supply of furniture and equipment for four courthouses.
The event was attended by the EU Head of Cooperation, the Head of High Judicial Council, the Minister of Justice, the Minister of Finance and Planning, the Minister of Public Works, and the General Attorney.(EU Neighbourhood Info)
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