EU Neighbours South holds podcast workshop at Tunis int’l assises of journalism

March 17, 2022
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On Thursday 17 March 2022, EU Neighbours South, in collaboration with its partner CFI Medias, organised a workshop at the International Assises of Journalism, under the theme ‘Train to Podcast’.

Led by Tunisian radiowoman and podcaster Raouia Kheder and French RFI journalist Elena Gabrielian, the workshop witnessed the attendance of some 70 participants from all walks of life.

“I am a professional video journalist and I was interested in learning a bit about this new medium. Actually, now I feel like even I can even start doing this on my own!” explains Houda, a Moroccan freelance journalist who attended the session.

Covering all stages of podcast production from ideation to titling, technical specifications and writing, the workshop was welcomed as “eye opening” by the newcomers to the field.

And by the experts too… “Youth do not listen to the radio anymore. Using the format of podcast is a very efficient, new way to reach them,” suggests Jean-Luc, an audience member representing the French radio MNE Mulhouse. “The beauty of it is that a podcast never dies, its appeal is slowly built with time,” agrees Raouia.

Following a comprehensive explanation of the various steps needed to create a podcast, the two presenters led a Q&A session, where the public expressed its sharp interest for all types of audio-related news. Journalistic proximity, war news coverage and marketing around one’s brand were among the many topics tackled by an audience ever-curious to learn more.

“We want to stress that all podcasters are not journalists; although an art in itself, when you make a podcast there is a degree of subjectivity, flexibility and diversity that might not always be possible in mainstream media,” concludes Elena.

Camille Dupire

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