EU: Support to the protection and promotion of the Algerian Cultural Heritage

January 15, 2016
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“The program aiming at protecting and promoting the Algerian cultural heritage” may constitute a success story in the region according to what the program’s National Manager said in an interview published by the EU office in Algiers. Zouhir Ballalou describes the program’s different components in an interview given to a local paper (the daily Liberté).
This program is supported by the EU with an amount of 21.5 Million funded by the European Commission out of an overall budget of 24 million euros.
In his interview given halfway the project, which was launched in 2012 and is due to be completed in 2018, the program manager outlines the main pillars of this “pilot project” and says that “Once it proves to be a success, it will be extended to other countries.” 
Some of the most important actions include “reconstruction of Imadghassen’s grave in Banta”, a renowned archeological site.
Another pillar of the program focuses on training: “In our program, we want to support vocational training (…) train trainers specializing in cultural heritage.” The goal is to “create synergies around heritage”. Associations will be involved: “There are dynamic associations but not sufficiently equipped to manage cultural heritage”, “they will be of specific interest to us.”
Mr. Ballalou added: “we will hire experts in selected cities to be at the disposal of cultural clubs for periods ranging between one year and half to two years, we will look after all aspects related to heritage in terms of conservation, promotion and training.”
“We will work on traditional homes and on museums’ cultural furniture and assets”; there will also be a “component devoted to audiovisual patrimony, as there are deteriorating movies in very bad conservation conditions; we will first focus on training the staff of the film library.”


Countries covered:

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