EU supports the “Preservation of Cultural Heritage from extinction” project with the Women’s House Development center in Anabta, Palestine

May 23, 2018
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In Palestinian rural areas, people use particular songs for each occasion. Unfortunately, these songs are threatened to disappear because of the lack of any recordings or knowledge among the young generation. However, these songs constitute an important part of culture and civilisation for Palestinians.

The idea behind the “Preservation of Cultural Heritage from extinction” project is to try to recover and preserve those old traditional songs from Palestine with the support of the European Union.

To do so, the Women´s House Development center trained a group of 6 young women in order to prepare them for the research, interviewing and collection of data.

Women House Development Centre works with 2 different categories of women: young and elderly women. The women house is a free and suitable space for them. It has a cafeteria, a computer room, a gymnasium and a space for handicraft works.

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