EU supports women participation in local governance in Libya and Tunisia

March 11, 2019
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With the support of the European union, the International Development Centre for Innovative Local Governance (CILG VNG International) organised in Tunis, Tunisia, a round table entitled “Women and Local Development in Libya and Tunisia: Participation, Leadership and Empowerment” in the presence of female mayors, elected female Libyan and Tunisian officials, International Civil Society, donors, and public actors.

This round table, which was part of the celebration of World Women’s Day, was an opportunity for women from both countries to share their experiences and collectively reflect on the best ways to develop inclusive policies at municipalities.
Elected women emphasized the need to prioritize women empowerment in decentralization policies, in order to ensure their participation in local governance. They also insisted on the importance of establishing networks of collaboration between women elected from different municipal councils and between the two neighbouring countries.



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Countries covered:

  • Libya
  • Tunisia