Libya: EU launches Fa’ela, a new initiative to boost women participation

March 1, 2021
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The European Union has recently launched Fa’ela (“active” in Arabic), a new women empowerment project, that aims to enhance the inclusion of women in the country’s social, political and economic life.

In 2011, women had played an influential role in the popular protest of the Libyan uprising. Yet their participation in public life, and the space for women to contribute to public decision making and in particular the peace process and political dialogue remains limited.

The €1.1 million project will bring together women leaders and civil society organisations with women across the country to establish a network of CSOs, private sector representatives and decision-makers to advocate for the inclusion of women in leadership positions. Fa’ela will support civil society organisations and run training and capacity building initiatives for prospective women activists.

Fa’ela will be implemented by Democracy Reporting International and the Jusoor Centre for Studies and Development.


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