EU works on a two-state solution with its partners says Mogherini

February 1, 2018
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The International donor group for Palestine, the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee (AHLC), convened for an extraordinary session bringing Israelis and Palestinians, EU partners in the region and in the international community to sit behind the same table since the December announcement by President Trump. The 15-member Ad Hoc Liaison Committee serves as the principal policy-level coordination mechanism for development assistance to the Palestinian people, but its raison d’être is and remains the shared objective of a two-state solution, Mogherini said.

The donor group’s meeting “is an opportunity to engage, to keep the doors open, to have everyone around the same table” said EU’s High Representative Federica Mogherini, ahead of the extraordinary session which she convened together with Norway’s Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide to address an urgent need to bring all parties together and to discuss measures that can facilitate a negotiated two-state solution.

In the past few weeks, the EU has been particularly active and engaged with all the parties to maintain the political horizon for a two-state solution based on the Oslo Accords and on international law with Jerusalem as future capital of both states, the State of Israel and the State of Palestine. “The only viable and sustainable solution that would fulfil the legitimate aspirations of both parties, including the legitimate security concerns of Israel, Mogherini said.

Both Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu and Palestinian President Abbas visited Brussels, while the High Representative kept constantly in contact with regional and international partners before convening the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee meeting today to look together “at ways to resume a political process that would lead to this two-state solution,” the High Representative said.


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