European Endowment for Democracy joint event: The Voice and Resilience of Syrian Independent Media in 10 years of Conflict

March 22, 2021
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In the framework of the Brussels V Conference on “Supporting the future of Syria and the region” on 29-30 March 2021, organised by the European Union, the European Endowment for Democracy (EED) is co-organising an online event on 22 march, together with Free Press Unlimited and International Media Support (IMS) focused on independent media.

During this session,key actors from Syrian independent media will discuss their past experiences and challenges, their role and impact, and they will relate their perspectives on the future. In this online discussion, the speakers will focus on the potential for independent media to shape the future of Syrian society by providing access to credible information, enabling public debate and combating hate speech, fake news, and polarisation.


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Countries covered:

  • Syria *
Civil Society Media