The European Union and Spain provide €19.5 million in support to the payment of social allowances by the Palestinian Authority

December 23, 2020
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The European Union and Spain provided €19.5 million for a third annual payment of social allowances through the National Cash Transfer Programme benefitting 115,000 vulnerable Palestinian family.

The EU supports the Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Social Development (MoSD), which is responsible for the provision of basic social protection to the most vulnerable families in the West Bank and Gaza through its Cash Transfer Programme (CTP). For this payment, the European Union has almost doubled its usual financial contribution providing €18.5 million, while Spain allocated its annual contribution of €1 million.

Since 2008, most of the European Union’s assistance to the Palestinian Authority (PA) is channelled through the PEGASE Direct Financial Support, supporting the PA reform process and various national development plans. PEGASE supports the PA’s recurrent expenditures, mainly the salaries and pensions of civil servants, the social allowances paid through the cash transfer programme and part of the costs of referrals to the East Jerusalem Hospitals. Since February 2008, over €2.8 billion were disbursed through PEGASE by the European Commission and various development partners, namely EU Member States.


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The Office of the European Union Representative (West Bank and Gaza Strip, UNRWA)

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