European Union in Palestine Visits Augusta Victoria Hospital

March 24, 2022
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The European Union Heads of Cooperation visited Augusta Victoria Hospital and met with representatives of the East Jerusalem Hospitals.

The group was briefed on the financial difficulties and challenges facing the hospitals, particularly, Augusta Victoria Hospital, due to the accumulation of outstanding health referrals invoices issued by the Palestinian Authority.

Representatives of Augusta Victoria hospital explained that the hospital is facing cash flow crisis, which is affecting its ability to deliver cancer treatment and is threatening the life of cancer patients. Since September 2021, the hospital had to reject more than 400 newly diagnosed cancer patients and almost 580 patients receiving cancer treatment are currently at risk of treatment interruption. In order to avoid this risk, the hospital communicated the need for immediate donor grant support covering partially the accumulated cost of referrals.

Together with European Union Member States, the EU has been supporting the Palestinian Authority since 2012 with regular contributions to the payment of referrals to East Jerusalem Hospitals that have reached over €140 million since then.

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