EU’s CyberSouth launches its conference in Tunisia

March 26, 2018
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The Launching Conference of CyberSouth started on March 21 with a series of sessions on cybercrime policies and strategies in the Southern Neighbourhood Region, and with an overview of the assessment visits conducted last year in the priority countries of the project.

The opening of the conference was addressed by Hatem Ferjani, State Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tunisia, and Habib Dababi, State Secretary, Ministry of Communication Technologies and Electronic Economy of Tunisia.

More than 100 experts have taken part in the launching conference with representatives from priority countries Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, and Tunisia, also experts from France, Norway, Portugal and Romania, as well as Embassies from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Jordan, Morocco, Romania, Netherlands, and Algeria.

Thee Launching Conference of the joint European Union and Council of Europe project, organized in Tunis, Tunisia, allowed countries to exchange views on cybercrime policies and strategies of priority countries under the project, in order to guide project activities, and also to determine the support to be provided through the CyberSouth project.

Representatives from Parties to the Budapest Convention also participated to share their experience with the countries from the Southern Neighbourhood region. This project is another keystone in the global fight against cybercrime, as in 2017, countries worldwide experienced ransomware, data breaches, payment fraud, attacks on banking network, proliferation of crimes through the darknet, and countries from Southern Neighbourhood region are no exception.

Harmonized legislation and strong institutional capacities are key for an effective international cooperation on cybercrime and electronic evidence. The launching conference served to adopt a workplan that will contribute to the strengthening of legislation and institutional capacities of the priority countries of the project, and all the team members committed their involvement in CyberSouth Project.


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Countries covered:

  • Algeria
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Morocco
  • Tunisia
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