Gaza desalination plant project: UfM holds meeting to present latest achievements

October 6, 2016
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 The UfM Secretariat, in coordination with the Government of Palestine and the European Commission, is organising a pre-donors meeting on 7 October in Barcelona, Spain, on the Desalination Facility for the Gaza Strip Project. The meeting aims at highlighting the state of play of the project and the latest achievements at political, technical and financial level.

The finalisation of the project management modality, the donor handbook and the work that will serve as preparation in order to be able to hold a successful donor conference will be part of the meeting’s objectives.
In application of the UfM Secretariat’s roadmap for the implementation of the Desalination Facility Project, the UfMS has promoted and participated in a series of donor information sessions, which represent an important step in sharing information with important actors and potential donors. (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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