INNOMED-UP: SMEs are celebrating their sub-grants in Jordan

August 16, 2022
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ENI CBC Med Programme

Future Pioneers, Jordanina partner of the INNOMED-UP, conducted a small ceremony, last month, to sign the sub-grants’ contracts to to boost innovation and circular economy. Excitement and happiness were the prevailing mental states of the signees, where twenty contracts were signed.

Another 13 contracts will be signed in the upcoming weeks to support the production of innovative products and to secure innovative equipment and services to boost circular economy practices among SMEs, women and youth in Irbid.

Each sub-grant represents the journey of each one of these women and SMEs, beginning with idea development, designing and redesigning in an innovative fashion, overcoming norms and the culture of shame and finally producing unique products while becoming role models for others.

INNOMED-UP proposes to work with Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) to shift local urban economies towards a circular production and consumption paradigm including optimal use of material resources, innovation enhancement for SMEs, knowledge transfer among cities, social inclusion and citizens’ engagement.

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