Joint declaration by the European Union and Morocco for the fourteenth meeting of the Association Council

June 28, 2019
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The European Union and the Kingdom of Morocco, met in the Association Council and declared their wish to give a new impetus to their strategic, multidimensional and privileged relationship, an impetus consistent with their mutual expectations and the challenges of today’s world, by developing a true ‘Euro-Moroccan partnership for shared prosperity’.

The two partners are mindful of the fact that their regional and global environment is confronted by ever more complex challenges, but also by new opportunities which will decide the future of the Euro-African and the Euro-Mediterranean area, particularly in terms of economic and human, inclusive and fair development, innovation and sharing of knowledge, protection of the environment and sustainable development, justice, security, intercultural dialogue, mobility and migration, human rights and good governance. As one of the pillars of this regional area, the EU-Morocco partnership is more necessary than ever to respond to such challenges.

At bilateral level, the ‘Euro-Moroccan partnership for shared prosperity’ will be based on four structural areas: an area of convergence of values, an area of economic convergence and social cohesion, an area of shared knowledge, and an area of political consultation and of enhanced cooperation on security, and on two key horizontal fields in which specific operational actions will also be carried out, namely cooperation in the field of the environment and the fight against climate change, and cooperation in the field of mobility and migration; these actions will reinforce each other.

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Countries covered:

  • Morocco