Jordan: EIB supports projects to improve drinking water supply and strengthen electricity network

November 9, 2015
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 The European Investment Bank (EIB) today signed two loan agreements worth $126 million for financing two projects in the water and energy sectors in Jordan, in support of sustainable economic and social development.

The first project will support a high priority water supply infrastructure investment, improving drinking water availability for the growing population in the Northern Governorates, swollen by large number of Syrian refugees. The EIB’s loan of $54 million will help treat and convey 30 million m3/year of fresh water from the King Abdullah Canal in the Northern Jordan valley to the Zabda Reservoir which serves the Northern Governorate of Irbid.
The EIB is also providing a loan of $72 million to support the NEPCO Green Corridor project, an essential part of Jordan’s renewable energy development programme. The project will strengthen the country’s high-voltage electricity transmission backbone, enabling new facilities generating large amounts of renewable energy to be connected to the network. (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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