Jordan: ESMES inspects data collection systems before installation in selected schools

August 26, 2021
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On 22 August 2021, the German Jordanian University, ESMES partner in Jordan, visited the “TECHNO GROUP for Electrical Systems and Automation” manufacturing facility in Mafraq, to inspect the Data collection systems’ panel boards assembly.

The contract is for the ESMES energy monitoring activities in 9 public schools in Jordan, whereby the schools will be equipped with smart meters to track real-time energy consumption and behavior.

In addition, an online platform will be provided and used by all partners in 5 countries (Italy, Spain, Lebanon, Jordan, and Tunisia) to monitor, record, and display data from all schools involved in the project (44 schools and approximately 37,000 school users, both staff and students).

EU-funded ESMES project addresses the common challenge of fostering renewable energies and reducing energy use, with the common perspective of: adapting to Med climate conditions, finding innovative, effective ways of optimizing renovation investments and reducing the effects on electricity network.

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