Jordan: EU steps up support for political and environmental reforms

February 17, 2017
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The EU has adopted two cooperation programmes worth a total of €115 million to support Jordan in its political and environmental reforms. Specifically, the programmes will assist Jordan’s National Solid Waste Management Strategy and the country’s reform process towards the consolidation of deeper democracy. 

The programme in support of the National Solid Waste Management Strategy (worth €100 million over 2016-2017) aims to improve health, quality of life and environmental conditions by developing environmentally and financially sustainable systems for solid waste management. Its purpose is to ensure an efficient, safe and sanitary disposal of municipal and solid waste, particularly in the context of the increased strain on waste facilities caused by the presence of a large number of refugees in Jordan.

The €15 million programme of ‘Enhanced Support to Democratic Governance’ will support the country’s reform process towards the consolidation of deeper democracy. It will further promote inclusiveness of national policy and decision-making processes, leading to a stronger democratic political culture. The programme will provide support to Jordan’s Parliament, Electoral Assistance, the party-political system and to civil society. 

Earlier this year, the EU and Jordan agreed to establish new Partnership Priorities covering the period 2016-2018, amongst others defining how both parties will co-operate to assist the country in dealing with the massive influx of Syrian refugees. An agreement on relaxation of Rules of Origin for Jordanian products has also been reached in order to enhance Jordan’s exports to the EU and create additional investment and employment opportunities for both Jordanians and Syrian refugees.

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