Jordanian Open Day introduces the EU-funded EMPHASIS project to stakeholders from the Tech and Tourism Industries

March 22, 2022
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The Jordan University of Science and Technology, EMPHASIS Project Partner, hosted its first virtual Open Day Event and Focus Group Meeting, bringing together over 35 stakeholders from the Jordanian Business Market, with a focus on the tourism and ICT sectors, to introduce the concept of Open Innovation, as well as the different activities, target groups, opportunities for SMEs, and the various objectives of the EU-funded EMPHASIS Project.

A short summary of the project’s aims and target groups were presented, as well as the services that the project would offer to participating small and medium enterprises. The focus group meeting discussed the opportunities and challenges of Jordan’s tourism and ICT sectors, as well as the various opportunities, such as skill development trainings, that will be offered to SMEs as part of the project’s activities.

The EMPHASIS project, in which six organizations from Greece, Italy, Spain, Egypt, Lebanon, and Jordan are involved, aims to assist small and emerging businesses in using the concept and philosophy of Open Innovation to sustain their business, while also benefiting from a Euro-Mediterranean network that will help these companies expand to new markets.

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