Launch of EU-funded project INVESTMED: kick-off meeting

November 19, 2020
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INVESTMED (Innovative Sustainable Start-Ups for the Mediterranean) is an EU-funded project, under the ENI-CBC Med Programme, to support the development of new, sustainable entrepreneurship and business initiatives in Egypt, Lebanon and Tunisia, in order to create new economic opportunities and jobs for young people and women. The project kick-off meeting will take place online on Tuesday 24 November.

INVESTMED will have an impact on MSMEs, start-ups and recently established enterprises where staff will be trained and coached to become more sustainable and competitive and financially supported via an open competition. Specific business incubation services will also be established for sustainable start-ups while relevant public authorities will benefit from capacity building and exchange of best practices to facilitate access and protect IPR for MSMEs.

INVESTMED has a duration of 30 months, with a total budget of 3.8 Million euro, of which 3.4 Million euro are funded by the European Union (90%).

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Kick-off meeting

Press conference

Countries covered:

  • Egypt
  • Lebanon
  • Tunisia