Leaving 2020: an intense and demanding year for EUNAFORMED IRINI

December 31, 2020
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On this very last day of the year, Operation IRINI has decided to stop for a moment to think over the intense, demanding and challenging activity that it has gone through.

Since May 4, when the Operation started its activity at sea, Irini assets have patrolled the central Mediterranean investigating 1560 merchant vessels (hailings), conducting 62 friendly approaches (consensual visits on board of merchant vessels) 6 inspections (boardings) of merchant vessels to verify their cargo and one diversion of a merchant vessel for infringement to the arms embargo. The Operation has also monitored the activities in 16 Libyan ports and oil facilities.

With regard to the air routes monitoring, the operation has checked 25 airports and landing strips as well as 155 flights possibly carrying military related cargos back and forth to Libya.

All these activities have been carried out in full respect of the impartiality principle towards the belligerent parties in Libya, to which Operation IRINI has always strictly complied.

Operation Irini (named after the Greek goddess for “peace”) was planned in a very short timeframe and launched on 31 March 2020, following a decision by the Council of the European Union. The main task is the implementation of the arms embargo on Libya under the relevant UN Security Council resolutions. The Operation also has secondary tasks including monitoring illegal oil trafficking from Libya, contributing to countering human trafficking and smuggling activities (through air monitoring) and contributing to the training of the Libyan Coast Guard and Navy.


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