Lebanon: discover the 12 MSMEs supported by INVESTMED project

May 15, 2023
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The INVESTMED project is proud to present the MSMEs selected under the call for subgrants for green, blue, and creative industry business proposals in lebanon.The EU funded INVESTMED project launched a call for sub-grants to provide support for new, sustainable business opportunities for young people and women in three countries: Egypt, Lebanon, and Tunisia.

In Lebanon, 12 MSMEs were selected across the relevant industries. The selected entrepreneurs besides receiving a grant for their project, will benefit from many other advantages from the INVESTMED project such as: receiving an incubation programme, being part of an online community with different investors, actors, and startups from other countries, receive specific Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) training for the three countries, and participate in multiple events with actors and investors from all over the Mediterranean.

You can read about the selected entrepreneurs here. They are the following:

They are:

  • Cibus Laboratoire
  • Cezar’s Projects
  • Darmmess
  • DOODA Solutions
  • Hydrek
  • Le Joyau d’Olive
  • MIST for Carbonated Healthy Beverages
  • NIMAN – MezzMix Dips
  • Plastc Lab
  • ReFuse
  • Savvy Element
  • Smart Land
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Countries covered:

  • Lebanon