Lebanon: EU-funded water projects improve lives of local populations and refugees in Akkar

July 1, 2016
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Ambassador Christina Lassen, Head of the EU Delegation to Lebanon, visited this week three EU-funded projects in Akkar, all implemented by the Economic and Social Fund for Development (ESFD). The three finalised projects improved significantly the provision of clean water to the area, while at the same time mitigating the additional pressure on the water distribution network caused by the large presence of refugees in the region.
In Mhamara, Ambassador Lassen visited newly constructed water well, ground reservoir of 500 m³ and water tower of 100 m³. The new infrastructure has contributed to ending the water shortage in this area, directly benefitting approximately 5000 residents. In Qoniah, the EU delegation saw how the rehabilitation of an existing water well and the construction of a pumping line have improved the daily lives of around 2700 residents.
Ambassador Lassen’s final stop was in Kfartoun, where the ESFD recently finalised a project of drilling and equipping a new water well between Kfartoun and Akroum. The project has succeeded in improving the water supply for around 15000 people, i.e. the entire population of the villages of Akroum and Kfartoun, including the Syrian refugees residing in the area. (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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