Lebanon: Statement by the Spokesperson on the agreement with the IMF

April 11, 2022
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On 7 April, the Lebanese authorities and the IMF reached an agreement on a comprehensive economic reform program. This program will support the authorities’ strategy to restore growth and financial sustainability, strengthen governance and transparency, and increase social and reconstruction spending.

After years of deep political and socioeconomic crises, it represents a key step towards a future people-centred, sustainable, reforms-based agenda for Lebanon.

In this context, the EU recalls the urgent need for Lebanese authorities to address reforms in areas such as monetary and exchange rate systems, the energy sector, the financial sector, anti-corruption, and public procurement.

The European Union calls on the Lebanese authorities to complete the various measures required before the IMF Board’s consideration, as listed in the IMF statement of 7 April. This is also one of the conditions for the EU’s Macro-Financial Assistance to be considered.

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