Lebanon Unpacking the Potential of Green Hydrogen, Highlights from LISW 2024

May 30, 2024
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The Lebanon International Solar Week 2024 (LISW 2024), held from May 16 to May 18 at the Seaside Arena in Beirut, served as a critical platform for advancing sustainable energy in the region. Among the event’s highlights was a panel discussion on the transformative potential of green hydrogen, featuring key industry experts. The panel, moderated by Dr. Joseph Al Assad, brought together leading figures in the energy sector to discuss green hydrogen’s role in the global energy transition, amongst them Toufic Rizkallah, Technical Manager and Network Coordinator of the MED-GEM Network.

Dr. Joseph Al Assad, Dean of the School of Engineering at USEK University, Vice-Chair of the Lebanon Committee of WEC, with advisory roles the Lebanese Ministry of Energy and Water and also MED-GEM’s Senior short-term expert conducting a study for Lebanon, provided a robust framework for the discussion. His high level of expertise ensured a comprehensive exploration of green hydrogen’s technical feasibility, economic implications, and strategic importance.


The panel concluded with a consensus on the need for continued investment, innovation, and international cooperation to harness the full potential of green hydrogen. Dr. Al Assad summarized the discussions, emphasizing that while the journey towards a sustainable energy future is complex, the collective expertise and commitment of industry leaders can pave the way for a cleaner, greener world.

Countries covered:

  • Lebanon