SwitchMed: 6 grassroot initiatives selected to get support in Algeria, Lebanon and Tunisia

August 22, 2016
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At least 16 of the 160 civil society initiatives presented at the workshops held by the EU-funded SwitchMed programme, will receive additional support over a period of 6-12 months. In the case of Tunisia, Algeria and Lebanon, the selection of two grassroots initiatives per country has already been done with a multistakeholder evaluation process.

The selected initiatives will receive a “coaching” support provided by one of the trainers and a technical support provided by an external expert to respond to the technical needs of the initiative. In addition, they will become part of the Switchers platform and will receive support to develop a crowdfunding campaign, if required.
In AlgeriaCollectif Torba (Ferme agroecologique pédagogique TORBA), an association that promotes awareness raising among the Algerian consumers in order to live in a more sustainable and healthy manner, is one of the two initiatives that were selected. The other initiative selected, makes use of olive oil production by-products by transforming them into compost, thus minimizing pollution and even generating additional sources of income for the olive oil industry.
In LebanonYouth for EnvironmentUpcycling initiative in Baalbeck is one of the two initiatives selected. The initiative aims at giving a second life to waste. It collects waste and converts these discarded materials into something useful. The second initiative, the Bus Map Project, is a platform that provides comprehensive information about the public transportation system in Lebanon.
In TunisiaPedalo is courier service by bike in Tunis, as an alternative delivery service that is accountable and efficient for individuals and for businesses. Pedalo aims to replicate the success in Algeria and Morocco. De Terre et D’Argile, the second initiative selected in Tunisia, aims to promote collective social and eco-innovation through sustainable building.
The SwitchMed sustainable consumption and production programme aims to promote a switch of the Mediterranean economies towards sustainable consumption and production patterns and green economy, including low emission development, through demonstration and dissemination of methods that improve resource and energy efficiency. It also seeks to minimise the environmental impacts associated to the life cycle of products and services, and, as opportune, to promote renewable energy. (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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Countries covered:

  • Algeria
  • Lebanon
  • Tunisia