Libya : the EU expresses its strong concern on recent developments

January 6, 2020
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After the Turkish Parliament took the decision to authorise military deployments in Libya, the European Union expressed its strong concern on recent developments. ” The EU reiterates its firm conviction that there is no military solution to the Libyan crisis. Actions supporting those who are fighting in the conflict will only further destabilise the country and the wider region. It is imperative for all international partners to respect fully the UN arms embargo and to support the efforts of the United Nations Special Representative Ghassan Salamé and the Berlin process, as the only avenue towards a peaceful, stable and secure Libya. The EU will maintain an active engagement in support of all de-escalatory measures and steps leading to an effective ceasefire and the resumption of political negotiations “, stated the spokesperson on 3 December 2020.

From his side, High Representative/Vice President Josep Borrell declared : ” Recent developments in Libya indicate that an escalation of violence around Tripoli could be imminent. We condemn attacks such as Saturday’s strike against the military school, which only bring more violence and human suffering.Today it is more urgent than ever to work genuinely towards a political solution to the crisis in Libya. The European Union calls on all sides to engage in a political process under the leadership of the United Nations. The European Union will continue to deploy all efforts towards finding a peaceful and political solution to this process. “

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Statement by High Representative/Vice President

Statement by the spokesperson

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