LIVINGAGRO at the forefront for mitigating climate change with a forest restoration project in northern Jordan

April 27, 2023
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In the framework of LIVINGAGRO project and, more specifically, in the context of the experimentation activities relating to Living Lab 2 (grazed woodlands), a rehabilitation, utilization and development of forest ecosystems action was implemented by the National Agricultural Research Center (NARC), which planted forest tree seedlings in the Maysara Forest, Arda District, northern Jordan.


The active support of volunteers and members of the local community from the sourrounding villages of Bayuda, Maysara and Al-Sbehi, and the effective cooperation of the Al-Balqa Innovation Institute, the National Reforestation Project, the Department of Forestry within the Jordan Ministry of Agriculture, and WADI Jordan – Sustainable Ecosystems Development, allowed to plant the seeds of oak, quercus, carob, rhus, artemisia, wild almond and calicotome having the seeds germinated and propagated at the greenhouse established at NARC with the support of the European Union (ENI CBC Med Programme) contributing also to the construction of a fence to protect the forest, to the creation of contour lines to build a water harvesting system (swales) and the setup of an environmental walkway and of informative signboards.


The main objective of the initiative is the restoration of a 2 hectares forest woodland and the continuation of germination and propagation of forest and medicinal plants seeds at NARC’s greenhouse for carrying on the planting activity.

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