MED-QUAD in Palestine promotes City Development Groups

April 27, 2023
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Palestine Polytechnic University organised a training event for City Development Groups (CDG) members by ARCHEO Lab team within the framework of MED-QUAD project.


The training event took place in Hebron-Palestine and included the evaluation of the lab resources and applications in the city development activities related to tourism enhancement and culture heritage preservation. The event was organized in collaboration with civil engineering department in the university and the participation of project Scientific Advisory Commitee members.


The event used training materials prepared by the University of L’ Aquila (the MED-QUAD project partner from Italy) and focused on the role of the university in city development in the specific field of tourism enhancement and culture heritage preservation. In addition, training and presentation of equipment capacities and usage were delivered by the ARCHEO Lab team and companies’ participants.


Participants´ discussions allowed a better understanding of the aims of the project activities and the experiences that the project partners shared with the Palestinian team. They tackled the prospect of cooperation in relevant scientific research and lab activities.


The training event offered the opportunity to CDG members to meet the results of laser scanning, laser camera, drone photographs obtained for the Mamre (Haram Ramet el-Khalil) historical site in Hebron.

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