MedReg highlights the importance of strong regulator to accompany Tunisia’s energy transition

December 19, 2017
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On 15 December, the MEDREG Secretariat, represented by Ms Daphné Lacroix in a Panel 2 entitled “How to create a vast Euro-Mediterranean energy zone: Governance, regulation, infrastructure?” highlighted the importance of establishing a clear, transparent and predictable regulatory framework to create the conditions of the energy transition and the RES objectives set by Tunisia.

Organized by Solidar Tunisie, a parliamentary think tank based in Tunis, the purpose of this meeting was to promote the dialogue between the main energy actors in Tunisia and at the Mediterranean level. A large part of the panellists, including Mr Riadh Mouakhar, the Tunisian Environment Minister, recommended the creation of a regulator.

MEDREG renewed its will to further support the Tunisian authorities in that process and involve them more in our activities.

Other participants included the Head of EU Delegation in Tunis, the Ambassador of Italy to Tunisia, representatives of the Tunisian Energy Ministry, the UfM Secretariat, STEG, DG ENER, and MEPs.

MEDREG, which benefits from the European Union’s financial support, brings together 25 regulators from 21 countries, spanning the European Union (EU), the Balkans and North Africa. Mediterranean regulators work together to promote greater harmonization of the regional energy markets and legislations, seeking progressive market integration in the Euro-Mediterranean basin. Through constant cooperation and information exchange among members, MEDREG aims at fostering consumer rights, energy efficiency, infrastructure investment and development, based on secure, safe, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable energy systems.


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