MENAWARA alongside West Bank farmers to improve capacity building for the use of treated wastewater

January 4, 2022
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The West Bank Treated Wastewater User Association met in the venue of the Beit Dajan Village Council. Twenty farmers and representatives of WeWorld-GVC, local partner of the MENAWARA project, attended the meeting.

Various topics were covered: from the type and quantity of plants grown in the area to the consumers’ awareness; from the climate impact on agriculture to the impacts and perception of treated wastewater usage; from the economic sustainability of treatment plant to the traditional and religious consideration about treated waste water.

Particularly important was the discussion relating to the involvement of different stakeholders in the products value chain, as well as the need to integrate the farmers’ workshops with the bodies and the technicians that deal with water governance.

MENAWARA project (Non Conventional WAter Re-use in Agriculture in MEditerranean countries) is designed to enhance access to water through the treatment of wastewater to be re-used as complementary irrigation and to strengthen the capacity of governmental institutions, non-state actors operating in the sector, technicians, and farmers in Italy, Spain, Palestine, Jordan and Tunisia. It will last until August 2022 and has a total budget of €2.4 million (EU contribution: €2.2 million).

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