The Military Court’s detention facility in Beirut renovated thanks to the EU

September 12, 2018
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The Military Court’s detention facility in Beirut has been renovated and equipped according to international standards in the framework of a project funded by the European Union to strengthen the rule of law and improve the criminal justice system in Lebanon. This project is implemented by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in close collaboration with the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities and the Ministry of Justice.

The European Union’s support aims to strengthen the capacity of law enforcement services to address criminal cases with a human rights-based approach.  The detention facility was upgraded through renovation works improving the detention cells and lavatories, as well as the lighting and plumbing systems.

Changes at the facility were witnessed first-hand in a tour of the facility today with the participation of General Hussein Abdallah, Head of the Military Court, Mr. Rein Nieland, Head of Section on Human Rights at the European Union, and the UNODC team.

“Today through the renovation of this facility, we are casting only a first building block of an improved detention system”, Nieland said. He stressed that “the European Union will continue to provide support for prison reform and advance juvenile and criminal justice in Lebanon for children and adults according to international standards.”

General Abdallah thanked the European Union and UNODC for renovating and equipping the facility according to international standards and best practices, and hoped for future and continuous collaboration to improve detention conditions.

Around 350 health kits, which include personal hygiene items, were distributed to detention centres and prisons under the Military Court in Rihanie, Ablah (Bekaa), and Kobba (North) centres. Donations will also be made this week in Beirut and the South. Health kits will be provided regularly and upon demand.

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