MoreThanAJob in Jordan supports the training of young people in Social and Solidarity Economy sector

April 12, 2022
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The “Social Solidarity Economy Values and Principles: Education and Training Action and Financial Plans” project is run by the Applied Scientific Research Fund (ASRF) , subgrantee of MoreThanAJob in Jordan, which aims to understand the topic of Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) as a transversal movement, linking values and principles to collective action and practices.

At the end, trainees from various geographical regions in Jordan will understand the dynamics of SSE, as well as they will be able to distinguish SSE from other economical dynamics. They will also be equipped with the main knowledge, as well as basic competences, to implement those values and principles and translate them into collective action.

The project targets around 300 trainees who are refugees from various geographical regions in Jordan (Karak, Tafila, Maan and Shoubak) from low-income socio-economic backgrounds and working in SSE. It works with the target groups through vocational and educational trainings in the fields of social solidarity economy values and principles, democratic management in the social solidarity economy, and ethical and solidarity finance and resources.

The vocational and educational trainings aim to invest in the education and training of those trainees so that they can grow up as citizens who develop their professional activity with a more critical view on the current economic system.

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