Morocco : EU-funded project reflects on measures to boost funding of Moroccan MSMEs in post-COVID era

October 28, 2020
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The Working Group on the Internationalisation of SMEs met on 22 October in the framework of the EU-funded MED MSMEs project, in partnership with Maroc PME. The meeting gathered more than 30 participants representing government agencies as well as the private and the finance sectors in order to discuss key issues which will be developed in a roadmap to be implemented in 2021.

The suggested topics were prioritised according to 5 criteria: the focus on industrial MSMEs; the contribution to post-COVID recovery; the added value of the regional prism and the complementarity with EU bilateral initiatives.

The meeting highlighted 4 themes of potential interest: facilitating exports towards Africa, integrating SMEs in the value chains under transformation, developing a new export strategy and improving the supply chain.

Based on the recommendations made by the participants, a roadmap will be submitted to the Working Group in November 2020 for validation.

In line with the elaboration of policies for inclusive growth in the EU Southern Neighbourhood, the EU-funded MED MSMEs Programme (2018-2022) builds on a national participatory approach, international best practices and regional initiatives to foster the formulation and implementation of integrated policies and instruments supporting the development of MSMEs.


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Countries covered:

  • Morocco