MYSEA in Lebanon concluded training courses on soft skills

April 4, 2023
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The Lebanese Development Network (LDN), project partner of the EU-funded project MYSEA, has concluded the implementation of the workshops pertaining to the transversal skills’ module.

Two hundred participants distributed into eight groups of 25 people each benefited from the seminars conducted in hybrid mode between November 2022 and March 2023 and facilitated by more than 26 trainers.

The training centers that cooperated in the project, spread over the Lebanese territory, were as follows:
– Ajwad Education Center (North);
– Chekka Development Council – CDC (North);
– Labora Training Center (Metn);
– Jezzine Hub (South);
– Notre Dame De La Tour – Deir El Ahmar (Bekaa).

The trainees learned about teamwork, management skills and the secrets to cultivating leadership and decision-making; discovered ways to optimize their experience in a curriculum vitae and the little tricks to better handle a job interview; developed critical thinking and experienced the most effective ways to resolve conflicts; ventured into the world of marketing and project management; and learned the best ways to manage time. Finally, they applied all this knowledge by simulating possible scenarios in the emerging business sectors of agri-food and waste management.

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Countries covered:

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