New factsheet on EU actions to counter Da’esh

March 23, 2017
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The EU has published a factsheet on EU actions to counter Da’esh. The publication highlights the engagements taken by the EU to fight terrorism, both inside and outside the European territory, with its prime objective being to eradicate Da’esh and other terrorist groups.

The EU’s support is based on a criminal-justice approach, in full compliance with international law, fundamental values and international human-rights standards.

Following the adoption of the EU Regional Strategy for Syria and Iraq, as well as the ISIL/Da’esh threat, reviewed in May 2016, the EU has stepped up its bilateral and multilateral engagement with international partners, including the United Nations (UN), the Global Counterterrorism Forum (GCTF), and the Global Coalition against Da’esh. The common aim is to stem the spread of Foreign Terrorist Fighters, stabilise areas liberated from Da’esh, squeeze Da’esh finances and counter Da’esh messages. Combatting Da’esh in the long-term requires addressing the political and socio-economic root causes that have facilitated the spread of terrorism.

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