Palestine: EU Diplomats visit Burqa and Ras at-Tin

August 29, 2023
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Representatives from the United Kingdom, the European Union, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Finland, Belgium, Sweden, Canada and Norway visited the Palestinian community of Burqa and the site of the recently displaced community of Ras at-Tin amid accelerating rates of settler violence and following the demolition by Israeli authorities of donor-funded humanitarian structures, including a school in the nearby community of Ein Samiya. Ireland and Denmark also support this statement.


In Burqa, diplomats learned how the community have endured harassment and intimidation from settlers. They also observed the aftermath of Ras at-Tin’s displacement due to settler attacks and how these attacks intensified after the establishment of an illegal outpost near the community.


The delegation was extremely alarmed by the growth of settler violence, which alongside demolitions has displaced over 400 Palestinians this year and resulted in several casualties across the West Bank, most recently the death of 19 year-old Qusai Maatan, who was killed in Burqa earlier this month.

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