Palestinian police delegation visited the Institute of Training (IBA) Wertheim

July 18, 2023
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Within the framework of a 5-day study trip, a 4-member delegation of the Palestinian Police School and the local Department of Training and Further Education visited the Institute of Training (IBA) Wertheim and various institutions of the Baden-Württemberg State Police.


Throughout the visit, the participants were given an overview of the organisation and structure of police training as well as interesting and exciting insights into the work of the trainers. The delegation was shown the latest developments in the field of training through state-of-the-art digital systems, such as virtual reality scenarios. The delegation was also able to visit and to get an idea of the work of the command and situation Centre, where all emergency calls and police operations are coordinated.


Visiting a local Police Station, a presentation was delivered on the importance of collaboration between the institute’s training departments and the police departments.


One of the highlights was the visit to the K9 Unit, where the delegation learnt more about how the dogs are trained. Another highlight was the visit to the Training Centre Rescue and Help (TCRH). The training possibilities in the field of rescuing buried persons after natural disasters or explosions, for example, were demonstrated in an impressive way.

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