POLICY LAB: advocacy and empowerment for young Tunisians

July 26, 2017
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Fifteen young Tunisians are taking part in the POLICY LAB, with the launch of a training in techniques of writing policy briefs in order to influence the local development policy agenda, which took place from 13-16 July in Hammamet.

POLICY LAB is part of the wider WeGov! project co-funded by the European Union and implemented by the Civil Volunteer Group (GVC), a development NGO. WeGov! aims at involving CSOs in strengthening the dialogue with public institutions on reforms following the Arab Spring in 4 countries of the region: Jordan, Libya, Palestine and Tunisia.

At the core of the policy briefs, to be developed over the next six months, are the following themes: environmental protection, local development and decentralisation, education, governance and the fight against corruption. The three best papers will be part of public round tables with decision-makers at a national and regional level and will be further disseminated through scientific publication channels.

With the aim of influencing the effects of public policies and their impact on the life and well-being of communities, especially at local level, the project is offering a concrete opportunity to support citizens and youth empowerment and to promote the a participatory approach in line with the principles of the new Tunisian Constitution.

The 15 training participants come from diverse cultural and professional background ranging from the civil society organisations and public universities to public bodies.

The next step will be in Tunis, in September, with a deepening of the first drafts and further focus on policy writing techniques.


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