Rabat hosts a Mediterranean meeting about climate change as part of the CLima-Med programme, financed by the European Union

September 16, 2019
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Eleven Moroccan towns particularly concerned by the development of action plans for access to sustainable energy and the climate took part, as pilot towns, in a Mediterranean meeting that took place in Rabat as part of the CLima-Med programme, financed by the European Union. This meeting helped to encourage the sharing of concrete experiences between Moroccan, Mediterranean and European municipalities.

The main objective was to strengthen communes’ capacities to evaluate their climate risks, better know their greenhouse gas emissions, and give themselves the means to monitor their evolution over time.

Four Moroccan communes, Agadir, Oujda, Benslimane and Chefchaouen took the initiative, as part of their development and with the support of the European Union through a project called CES-MED project, to develop action plans and plans to access sustainable energy, whose components affect all aspects of local development, such as access to drinking water and wastewater treatment, waste prevention and collection or transport. These activities generate greenhouse gases that these communes wish to better control.

The Clima-Med project aims to help these Moroccan communities to advance, step by step, thanks to direct and remote technical support.

In Morocco, the town of Chefchaouen is considered a model town in terms of commitment to adopting sustainable solutions for the environment, since its council declared the town an ecological town in 2010.

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