Regional action against trafficking in human beings in the Southern Mediterranean: facing the challenges of the judiciary cooperation

March 9, 2021
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In the framework of the EU-funded South Programme IV and following the invitation of the authorities of the Kingdom of Morocco, the Council of Europe organised a second regional seminar on “Challenges of judicial cooperation in the fight against trafficking in human beings in the Mediterranean” on 24-25 February.

Representatives of the governmental authorities and national institutions in the field of combating trafficking in human beings, as well as international experts and civil society representatives from different countries of the South Mediterranean have examined the ways of strengthening the judicial cooperation against trafficking in human beings in the region, recalling the relevant international legal tools serving as basis of this cooperation. A special focus was made on the operational ways of protection of victims and prosecution of perpetrators through the presentation of different partnership experiences in the field.

This seminar is a follow-up of the first meeting held on 26 November 2020 which initiated the brainstorming on the establishment of structured and sustainable exchanges between countries of the region in their fight against trafficking in human beings, while mutualising their efforts. These initiatives are mainly aimed at strengthening the regional action against trafficking in human beings in the Southern Mediterranean.

South Programme IV continues assisting Southern Mediterranean countries in building a common legal space together with the EU, with a focus on reforming Southern Mediterranean countries’ legislation and reinforcing their democratic governance institutions as well as accompanying reform processes. Good governance building, strengthening rule of law and respecting, protecting and fulfilling human rights are strong pillars of the South Programme. Additionally, particular attention is given to activities combatting gender-based violence against women and girls.


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