Share Statement by High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini on latest developments regarding the Palestinian community of Khan al-Ahmar

July 18, 2018
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The developments in the Palestinian community of Khan al-Ahmar (Abu al Helu) in the occupied West Bank continue to have our full attention. The EU Foreign Affairs Council has systematically highlighted the plight of Bedouin communities, including the risk of forced transfer from the wider E1 area. While the Israeli Supreme Court has issued temporary injunctions against the demolition orders, the European Union emphasises that the consequences of a demolition of this community and the displacement of its residents, including children, against their will, would be very serious.

Khan al-Ahmar is located in a sensitive location in Area C, of strategic importance for preserving the contiguity of a future Palestinian state. Its demolition and displacement, together with plans for new settlements in the same area, illegal under international law, would severely threaten the viability of the two-state solution and undermine prospects for peace. The European Union expects the Israeli authorities to reconsider their decision to demolish Khan al-Ahmar, and to allow for full and unimpeded access of humanitarian assistance to Palestinians in need, in line with its obligations as an occupying power under international humanitarian law.


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