With the support of the EU: Laying the cornerstone for the European-Palestinian Center for the E-Waste Treatment in Hebron Governorate

November 11, 2019
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In the presence of the Governor of Hebron, the President of the Environmental Quality Authority and representatives of the European Union and several ministries and local authorities, the cornerstone of the European-Palestinian Center for the E-Waste treatment was laid in the town of Idhna in Hebron Governorate.

This qualitative facility for the treatment of electronic and electrical waste is considered the first of this standard. It will contribute to reduce the negative and harmful practices to the environment and public health previously carried out, and to stimulate sustainable economic growth at the local and national levels through the treatment of electronic and electrical waste. 

The project is concerned with the proper treatment of E-waste, which is an emerging but unofficial sector in Palestine. This project aims to put an end to the incineration of electrical and electronic waste from damaged devices for the extraction of copper, aluminium and iron. 

At the ceremony, Mr. Michael Miller, EU Middle East Officer, thanked all Palestinian partners for their participation in this qualitative event, which marked a step towards a green and healthy future. He said: ” We are proud of our partnership. We are also proud that you have chosen to name this center The European-Palestinian Center for the E-Waste Treatment.” He added: “Europe is taking the lead worldwide when it comes to environmental issues and climate change.” 

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